Genus: Lotte Kjoeller family portrait in danish and english


Artist Lotte Kjoeller present in her Gallery her artist family for first time 2020 during an exhibition "Aner" or in english "Genus" with her father Skippers / Adam Friedels family right down.

You see paintings of daughter Lotte Kjøller and photoes of father Skipper here. Skipper is dead.

Sister Eva Cristensens brown paintings in the middle

Lotte Kjoellers blue paintings right up

A lithography of grand grand grand father Adam Friedel were present too - see down.

See more here:

Lotte Kjoeller got in acording to this exhibition an Adam Friedel lithography of her fathers family. Lotte sit under it here. It hangs now in her studeo.


Lotte Kjoeller in the exhibition "Aner" with her paintings.

Skipper photo in the middle.


All photoes: Made of Barry Pringle

Lotte Kjoeller with her paintings


Lotte presenting little sister Eva Cristensen paintings


Lotte Kjoeller paintings and "Skipper" photo in middle and right.


Poaster from the very first exhibition "Aner" - or "Genus" in english. Artists is: Artist Lotte Kjoeller. Father "Skipper". Sister Eva Cristensen. Grand grand grand father Adam Friedel.

Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2020

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